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Pump maintenance and maintenance should pay attention to the problem
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    1 water corrosion pump, so the water substance prohibited the use of pump vacuum pump, vacuum pumping.

    2 contains a large number of solvent material first in the oven after removing most of the solvent, and then use the pump vacuum.

    3 in proper sequence using a vacuum pump to prevent reverse absorption phenomena.

    4 finished using the vacuum drying oven, must do the work of cleaning, wipe clean vacuum oven glass window.

    5 wipe the surface of antirust oil.

    6 removal of governor, pump cavity cavity antirust oil, adding the stipulated lubricant.

    7 fuel oil pipeline oil should be used before the removal of the fuel injection pump pipeline, access, constant rotation of fuel injection pump camshaft, until the oil outlet valve seat ejection clean fuel.

    Reasonable selection of 8 fuel.

    9 must use label suitable fuel. General use in the summer of 0 diesel, 10 light diesel oil in winter.

    10 used fuel must be clean, and shall not contain any impurities and moisture.