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Submersible pump water leakage fault exclusion method
作者: 发布于:2011/10/13 12:28:45 点击量:

    Submersible pump water leakage fault is mostly due to the sealing device of aging, due to wear and tear, except for the replacement of a new seal, also may take the following simple method of eliminating it.

    A submersible pump sealing ring, due to long-term use of loss of elasticity, this can be taken out from the ring, then find a piece of zero point three to zero point five mm thick paper or cloth into sealing ring is slightly larger than the original pad is arranged in the groove, the last mounted on the original seal ring.

    In two, a nylon seal seat of rubber seal ring wear, the sealing ring out, and then swap the location of installation, such as the sealing ring fastening spring lose elasticity or fracture, detachable spring, with a suitable diameter steel wire or wire.

    In three, the first seal ring wear removable nylon seal ring, and then coated with butter asbestos rope, wrapped around the stainless steel sleeve filling to slightly higher than the original nylon seat, and then fill up the butter, then the nylon seat bolts compaction compaction.

    In four, the sealing box and the cast iron seal ring loses elasticity, the seal ring from a cast iron trough inside and out, looking for a zero point six mm thick and hard paper shell cut into the same size, pad in the groove, and then the sealing ring in.

    In five, the oil hole rubber seal damage, can find a piece of cloth, cut is slightly larger than the bolt hole, the above plus flat pad, together sets of bolts in the oil inlet hole in.