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Submersible pump type selection principle
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    In 1, the selected pump and the type of device with flow rate, head, pressure, temperature, flow cavitation, suction-way process parameters such as the requirements.

    2, must meet the requirements of dielectric properties.

    For conveying flammable, explosive or toxic media valuables pumps, require a reliable seal or with no leakage of the pump, such as a magnetic drive pump, diaphragm pump, shield pump

    Solid particles on the transmission medium with pump, for convection component wear-resistant materials used, when necessary, seal flush with the use of cleaner liquid, such as sewage pump, sewage pump

    3, mechanical aspects of high reliability, low noise, small vibration.

    In 4, the economy should be integrated into equipment costs, operating costs, repair costs and management fees the lowest total cost.

    In 5, the centrifugal pump has high speed, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, large flow, simple structure, stable performance, pulsation-free fluid-delivery, easy operation and convenient repair.

    Therefore, except, as far as possible the use of centrifugal pumps:

    A, a measurement requirements, selection of metering pump

    B, lift requirements are very high, small flow and no suitable small flow high-lift centrifugal pump can choose, can choose the pump cavitation at the time requirements, such as vortex pump can also be selected.

    C, the head is very low, the flow is large, the choice of magnetic pump and plastic pump.

    D, medium viscosity ( greater than 650 ~ 1000mm2 / s ), may consider using rotor pump or pump ( gear pumps, screw pump. )

    E, media content 75%, smaller flow rate and viscosity of less than 37.4mm2 / s, choice of vacuum pump.

    F, the frequent start or inconvenient pump filling occasions, shall be selected for performance of self-priming pump, self-priming pump, such as pressure test pump, liquid level meter.