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Sewage pump function and structure type
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    Sewage pump is a pump without infarction, has a variety of ways: such as diving and dry two, currently the most common type of diving for the WQ submersible sewage pump, the most common dry-type water pump, such as W type horizontal sewage pumps and WL vertical two kinds of sewage pumps. Mainly used for walking city sewage, manure or liquid containing fiber. Scraps of paper and other solid particles in the medium, is usually recommended the medium temperature of not more than 80 DEG c.. Because be recommended medium contains easy winding or bunching of the fiber material. Therefore, the pump flow is easy to infarction, pump once infarction will make the pump can not work normally, and the motor is burned, thereby forming a poor sewage. To city life and environmental protection seriously affected. Therefore, the anti-blocking and reliability of the sewage pump is an important factor.

    And other pumps, impeller, the pressurized water chamber, pump sewage two center parts. Its performance, it is representative of the advantages and disadvantages of pump performance, sewage pump anti infarction performance, efficiency and cavitation performance, upper and lower, anti-abrasion performance mainly by the pressurized water pump and leaves room to ensure that the two major components. The following are respectively introduces:

    1 types of impeller, impeller structure: the structure is divided into four categories: vane (open, closed ), vortex, flow channel type, ( including the single channel and double channel ) spiral centrifugal four, open the semi-open impeller manufacturing convenience, when the impeller is formed within the infarct, easily clearing and repair, but in the long run, the particles of abrasive and water pressure will allow the blade to the indoor side wall of the gap is increased, so that the efficiency of reducing. And the increase of the gap will destroy the blade pressure distribution. Not only produce large vortex losses, and can make the axial force of pump is increased, at the same time, because the enlarged gap in the channel, liquid flow stability was destroyed, so the pump vibration, the type of impeller is not easy to walk with large particles medium and long fibers, from the performance perspective, the type of impeller efficiency low, the highest efficiency of approximately equal to the ordinary closed impeller 92%, lift curve is smooth.

    2, swirl impeller: the type of the pump impeller, the impeller partial or total reduction from the pressure water flow room. So good performance without infarction, particles can and long fiber after ability. Indoor particles in pressurized water activity generated by the rotating impeller of vortex development movement, suspended particles of itself does not produce energy, but the liquid flow and exchange of energy. In the process, suspended particles or long fibers do not contact with the blade, blade wear condition is light, there is no space because of increased erosion and, in the long run will not form efficiency serious land issues, the use of the impeller type pump for pumping large particles containing medium and long fibers. From the performance perspective, the impeller efficiency is low, only equivalent to the ordinary closed impeller of around 70%, compared with flat head curve.

    3, closed impeller: the normal type of impeller efficiency. And in the long run in stable status, the type of the pump impeller axial force is small, and can be arranged on the front and back cover side blade. Former deputy leaves on the cover can reduce the imports of the vortex impeller loss and particles on the seal ring wear. The back side vane is not balanced axial force, and can avoid the suspension of particles into the cavity mechanical seal mechanical seal on the maintenance function. But the type of impeller without blocking is poor, easy to wound, not suitable for pumping with large particles ( long fiber ) and other end after the sewage disposal medium.

    4, flow impeller: the impeller blades of the impeller is free, the time is an import to export from a curved channel. Therefore suitable for pumping large particles containing medium and long fibers. Good anti-blocking. From the performance perspective, the type of impeller and the general efficiency of closed impeller differs not quite, but the type of impeller pump lift curve is steep. Power curve is stable, not easy to have a super power, but this type of impeller cavitation performance than ordinary closed impeller, particularly suitable for use in the pump pressure on imports.

    5, screw centrifugal impeller: this type of impeller blades as the twisted blade, the conical hub body axis extends from the inhalation. The type of the pump impeller and pump and centrifugal pump with a volume effect, suspended particles in the blade passes, do not hit any part of the pump, it is good non-destructive. The transmission of the destruction of small. Because the spiral propulsion action, suspended particles after sex is strong, so the use of the impeller type pump suitable for pumping large particles containing medium and long fibers, as well as a high concentration of medium. On the destruction of the strict request send medium place has an obvious characteristic.