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Cold oil pump and heat pump difference points
作者: 发布于:2011/10/13 12:39:11 点击量:

    1, use of temperature below 200 degrees Celsius for cold oil, more than 200 degrees Celsius heat pumps.

    2, the general body of the heat pump seal seal oil are injected, but not cold injection pump.

    3, the heat pump sub-vertical-type pump body, and the cold oil pump body adopts a degree in the open. Some heat pumps have avoided pump body center line moving structure.

    4, heat pump mouth ring of large clearance. Smaller pumps cold.

    5, heat pumps use the timber of carbon steel, alloy steel, cold cast iron pumps can be used.

    6, hot oil pump start before preheating, and the pump with the cold, cold oil is not necessary.

    7, the heat pump bearing, bearing box, packing box mechanical seal cooling water demand, and the cold oil can not use.

    8, the heat pump type ordinary represented by the letter R, cold oil by the letters J table