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Clear water pump selection and design requirements
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    Clean water pump its main features are small size, light weight, excellent performance, easy operation, long service life, low energy consumption. It represents the latest trend of the pump industry.

    A selection of clean water pump, to choose a suitable flow pump

    Clear water pump flow rate, or the water, the general election should not be too large, otherwise, will increase the cost of the purchase of water pumps. We should analyze specific issues, such as user with its own draft self-priming pump, flow rate should be selected smaller; if the user for irrigation of submersible pump, it can choose an appropriate flow of some of the.

    Two, clean water pump head choice

    The so-called head is needed lift, rather than water lifting height, this is a clear choice of pump is particularly important. Clean water pump lift water to a high around 1.15 ~ 1.20 times. As a source of water to the water at a vertical height of 20 meters, its head is about 23 to 24 meters. Pump selection should be made on the lift pump nameplate and the head close to the best, such circumstances, the most efficient pumps, will be more economical to use. But not necessarily require absolutely equal, the general bias as long as no more than 20%, water pump can work under the condition of more energy saving. The head is far less than the required lift of a water pump, often can not meet the user's wishes, even the Sheung Shui to be pumped, water will be small, and even become a lack scope for their abilities of pump. Whether to buy Pumps lift the better? In fact. High lift pump for low lift, will appear excessive flow, causing the motor overload, if long time running, the motor temperature rise, winding insulating layer will gradually aging, and even burn motor.