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Submersible pump 7 maintenance
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    1, check the wearing parts: submersible pump impeller, ring, shaft sleeve, bearing and others are wearing parts. The first part of the pump should be removed, check wearing parts are in good condition. Prohibited the use of damage and failure of spare parts.

       2, the replacement of lubricants: open the sealing chamber and a motor inside the screw hole, the seal within the interior and motor oil all off, the replacement of the new oil, to ensure that the lubrication system normal work.

       3, shell pump down anti rust: before the spring, should open the shell on a pump, then rotate the impeller starter switch, to prevent rusting parts and should not normally start to burn motor. The maintenance of water-filled motors is particularly important.

    4, ensuring the sealing: submersible pump very strict requirements on the seal, replace the seals in the oil room, if found in oily water and high turbidity, must the whole changing or replacing the seal box or the sealing ring, to ensure good sealing performance.

    5, dry motor: 500000000000000 ohm meter to measure the pump casing of the winding and insulation resistance, if the resistance less than 500000000000 ohm, it should repel water motor. Drying methods are: the external drying method, drying method and the two currents at the same time the United drying. The external drying method is to use an external source of heat treatment, commonly used measures are: the hot air blowing: using electric heater blower ( small submersible pumps available electric hair dryer blowing hot air ) in order to achieve the purpose of the drying process; the bulb baking: in the closed box, using a plurality of 200 Watts around the bulb for baking. Note that the baking temperature is not too high, should be controlled below 125 DEG C; the current drying: according to the diving pump impedance and supply the size of motor windings connected in series or parallel, and then connected to a variable resistor, adjust the power flow as the current rating of around 60%, electric drying.

    6, to ensure the bearing lubrication: on water filling type submersible pump replacement should be checked on the end cover bearing the seal chamber and lithium base grease. In order to ensure long-term lubrication bearing in good condition.

    7, check the bearing : examination of the motor portion of the upper, lower bearing, if wear or clearance is too large, should be timely replacement of bearings, is strictly prohibited " sick" use makeshift. Inspection methods are as follows: if the motor running, to produce" audible thump" sound, and the cycle is proportional to the rotating speed, and the rotor is rotated by hand feels effortless, is bearing raceway is astringent or avulsion phenomenon; if issued bearing intermittent" choking choking" sound, hand-spinning rotor at uncertain dead center, the general frame are damaged ball, inner ring cracking or breaking ball. Encountered above, must replace the bearings, so as not to cause more damage.