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The structure and properties of heat conduction oil pump
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    Comparison of high occasions can choose stainless steel pumps. Heat oil in a certain environment and industry aggregation plays an important role and performance, the use of advanced technology for design and production, this type of pump gear for circular arc gear, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University jointly designed and developed by the international advanced level of new products. Gear meshing for a continuous contact rolling engagement, no flow pulsation, stable operation, small vibration, low noise. The widely used in shipbuilding, electric power, metallurgy, oil, food, petroleum, chemical and other industries.

    Heat conducting oil pump has a certain structure and properties in structural design, has a unique innovation process, called Deputy hydrodynamic impeller sealing means in the high viscosity pump impeller back shroud near the back of the opposite direction to install a coaxial open impeller. When the heat pump is working, vice impeller with high viscosity pump spindle rotate together, vice impeller in the liquid will rotate, rotating liquid will have an outward centrifugal force, the centrifugal force on the one hand against the flow of the liquid mechanical seal, reduces the mechanical seal pressure. On the other hand to prevent the medium of solid particles into the mechanical seal friction, reducing mechanical seals grinding block wear, prolonging the service life of the.

    Vice impeller in addition to sealing effect, but also can rise to reduce the axial force, sewage submersible pump axial force in the main role of the liquid pressure in the impeller and the rotating part of the whole gravity of the composition, the two force is the same direction, efforts are made by the two force addition. As can be seen, the performance parameters in exactly the same circumstances, submersible sewage pump axial force than the generally horizontal pump to be big, and the balance is more difficult than the vertical high viscosity pump harder. So in the submersible sewage pump, bearing are also easy to damage due to large axial force and has a great relationship. If installed, vice impeller, liquid vice impeller role in the direction of the pressure gradient force is the force of the two opposite forces, which would offset part of the axial force, also rise to extend the high viscosity pump bearing life role. But the use of auxiliary impeller sealing system also has a drawback, that is to be Deputy impeller part of the energy consumption, generally at about 3%, but as long as reasonable design, this part of the loss can be reduced to a minimum.

    Heat oil in use to maintain good performance advantage, to ensure efficiency reaches the maximum, to enrich the practice role to achieve good performance price ratio, different consumers and use.