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Gear oil pump and the components of the repair method
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    In 1, a driving shaft and bushing wear repair

    Gear pump driving shaft and bushing wear, the gap increases, will affect the oil pump. In this, can be used to repair the drive shaft or sleeve method to restore the normal clearance. If the active axis minor wear, simply press out the old Bush replaced after the standard size of the bushing, with the gap can be restored to the allowable range. If the drive shaft and bushing wear serious and clearance of serious incidents, not only to replace the bushing, and the driving shaft is also the application of chrome or vibration welding method the diameter is increased, then grinding to the standard size, recovery and sleeve with requirements.

    2, lubricating oil pump housing repair shell crack repair

    Shell crack can cast 508 nickel copper electrode welding. Welds shall be close and element hole, with the pump cover joint surface flatness error is less than 0.05 mm.

    3, active bushing sleeve hole and the driven shaft hole wear repair

    Driving shaft bushing worn holes, reaming method can be used to remove traces of wear, and then allocated to the appropriate size with increased bushing. Wear also driven shaft hole reaming method to remove traces of wear, and then after the hole by reaming the actual size of the preparation of driven shaft

    In 4, shell pump cavity repair

    Shell pump cavity after wear, generally take a cavity insert method to repair, the inner lining after large inlaid with cast iron or steel bushing. After the inner lining sleeve, 5, valve repair: a pressure limiting valve with a ball valve and a piston valve two. Spherical valve seat wear, a steel ball is placed in the seat, and then use the metal stick tapping the ball, until the ball valve and valve seat sealing. As the valve seat wear serious, can first reaming removing grinding, and then on the law to close. Piston type valve seat wear, can put a few valve sand grinding, until closed.

    5, pump cover repair

    Work plane repair: if the pump cover work plane wear small, manually grinding method to remove traces of wear, namely in the platform or plate glass put a little valve sand, then the pump cover is placed above the grinding wear marks, until the elimination, work surface roughness. When the pump cap working surface wear depth of more than 0.1 mm, should take the first turning after grinding to repair.