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Dialysis: China market development prospect of heat pump technique
作者: 发布于:2011/4/18 17:31:16 点击量:

    For many people, heat pump water heater is a new thing, however the products in foreign countries have been available for nearly twenty years, go up century seventy or eighty time energy crisis, because heat pump because the initial investment is high, can not get development. Energy crisis, was only many countries to promote.

    Now there are around 3000000 near Taiwan facility of its kind in Europe and the United States used to run. In Southeast Asia, Australia and some other countries, hotels, schools, enterprises and institutions, 60 DEG C hot water provides 75% for using air source heat pump products.

    Domestic heat pump technology development circumstance how? At home in recent years several companies started production of air source heat pump hot water unit ( water heater ), but most of them are in the primary stage, no experimental conditions, no professional senior technical staff, production also is in the production of manual mill type.

    According to understanding, from the user's perspective, bittersweet, energy-saving aspects of no doubt, but the products and installation, various manufacturers have their own problems, some is the installation of non-standard, some unreasonable design, some poor materials posing as good materials and so on. Increase investment in research and development, technical problems can be solved. But now most of the heat pump manufacturers are not aware of a bit, also did not achieve this point.

    Although, air source heat pump water heater water heater industry a new army, but its performance has unmatched advantages, so it appeared he showed tremendous market potential, formation and gas water heaters, electric water heaters, solar water heater" four minutes of the world" situation. At this stage of the air source heat pump market recognition and in 1998 1997, the solar water heater market have similar place, but the background is: since 1993, China became a net importer of oil since, external dependence increase year by year, include oil, coal, electric power, energy security has caused the government, scholars at home and abroad pay attention to.

    From" open" to" throttle", Chinese government is exploring two ways to develop simultaneously, put forward " must insist on giving priority to conservation, promote the whole society energetically energy-saving fall bad news". So this industry in the next few years will have great market as.

    Heat pump water heater in the south of the Yangtze River region below 60 DEG C hot water market, after a short period of two years of promotion, share accounted for about 5%, in the next 5 years, will account for more than 60% market share, market is facing a great opportunity of development at the.

    On the other hand," 925", public buildings were identified for saving energy and reducing consumption main field. The country will launch a number of key city public building energy saving. It is expected that in 2015, the city public building energy consumption per unit area will be decreased by 20%.

    The country will promote public buildings especially the key is used can the construction or purchase through energy saving energy ways to achieve a goal, the energy consumption control in limits, thus stimulates the energy saving renovation needs, developing energy-saving service market, this will undoubtedly enhance the air can heat pump industry in the overall development of confidence. The country publishs policy of building energy-saving city accounted for only 40, and the majority of the northern rural areas and 40 key city outside of the city is a heat pump for heating the future development opportunities.