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Pump industry in China at present the main development trend
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    With the continuous advancement of technology, the pump products will intelligent direction, pressure, flow, to temperature and vibration parameters were monitored; to the pump shaft, a bearing and seal condition assessment; to the reasons for failure diagnosis. Pump industry technology development will be embodied in the design of electronic control system, improve the driving device and the search for new materials and so on.
    ( 1) to the machine, electric, instrument integration of direction
    Pump whether products small household pump, pump and general pump used in construction, or large petrifaction, electric power and other industrial equipment used to process pump, machine, electric, instrument integration of the direction of continuous development, so the pump products more efficient, energy saving, more convenient use and maintenance, improve reliability, prolong life, for the the user brings a greater income.
   ( 2) to the large-scale and high speed in the direction of.
    As the power, petrochemical plants and water conservancy engineering towards large scale, the direction of large-scale development, pump as its supporting products will toward a large-scale and high speed in the direction of.
    ( 3) to multiple varieties and multiple uses of the direction of development
    In order to meet the needs of different conditions and purposes, pump product that turn to expand the varieties specifications, will expand performance range direction. The current domestic pump products in the specifications, varieties and the use of extensive remains to be further improved. For example, for high pressure and small flow pump, mixed acid pump and extremely corrosive chemical slurry pumps, also need to constantly develop new varieties.
    ( 4) theory and method of design science
    Strengthen pump basic theory research, focusing on interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary, the emerging discipline of mutual penetration. Theoretical study is focused on: pump internal flow measurement, numerical simulation and performance prediction of a yuan of viscous flow; numerical simulation; multiphase flow theory and application of pump; optimization design and design diversity.
    ( 5) CAD, CAM, CIMS technology development and promotion
    The production and manufacturing of high technology products" cheap" is the fundamental guarantee. Through the use of advanced computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing technology, not only to ensure that the quality of the product design, but also shortens the design cycle, greatly improving the product design ability, achieve the design optimization, ensure the reliability of the product. At the same time, the computer integrated manufacturing system ( CIMS ) and the application of virtual technology, greatly reducing the pump the production cycle of the products, ensuring product performance.
    ( 6) no sealing of pump technology
    No sealing pump mainly comprises a magnetic drive pump, shield pump. In recent years, it has attract sb.'s attention, mainly due to white nineteen eighties since the middle of the growing awareness of environmental protection. At present, more and more pump factory realized in its product line to add a non-sealed pump importance. Obviously, no sealing pump demand continued to show strong growth momentum.
    ( 7) the product modularization and Gui Hua
    The modular pump technology of pump technology is an important trend in the development of. In the modular pump series, only a few parts can form whole pump series, which can reduce production cost, shorten delivery time, reduce the components and spare parts inventory, and personalized development requires products tend to face much breed, small lot direction.
    ( 8) materials technology
    In recent years, a variety of new materials development and application of driving the pump technology development of an important factor. Pump components using a variety of new materials, the benefits are mainly of the pump is prolonged in the corrosive medium and the service life and the reliability, and extends the range of use of the pump. At the same time, coating technology and material surface treatment technology in the improvement of pump flow characteristics, corrosion resistance and wear resistance has become increasingly important, and has wide application prospect.